The power to change is in your hands

Flight Mode Method 1-2-1's


Long and sustainable careers for independent dance artists and creatives.


To build a better world for independent creatives.
By helping people connect with their authentic self and navigate towards their joy, the Flight Mode method works towards building long and sustainable careers for independent and multi-faceted creatives. The ripple effect of this work is a kinder, more inclusive dance industry where artists are valued and free to be who they truly are.

More Information

  • As a veteran of the dance industry, I’ve done things the hard way. Like you, I’ve been frustrated and worn down by the boxes the industry has tried to put me in and felt depleted in my joy for something I once loved.
    I developed the Flight Mode Method because I know it doesn’t have to be this way. Your gift is that you are many things, despite the industry telling you to only be one. And you can build a creative practice and career in the arts that aligns with the many facets of who you are. I know this because I am many things, and I have achieved a sustainable, fulfilling career. One that is true to my values and purpose, and a path that brings me joy.
    With the Flight Mode Method, I show you how I have done this and give you the tools to achieve the same.

  • Most facilitators focus on helping artists realise their creative vision. With Flight Mode, we go deeper.
    We look at your core being and how to amplify your individuality. You’ll gain clarity on your values and how to align these to your culture and purpose. Together, we’ll build compassion and conviction for yourself and what you want to create in the world.
    Through this clarity and conviction we create forward momentum towards a long and sustainable career path truly aligned to you.

  • A safe space to navigate and enrich yourself discovery, to enable an authentic and honest creative perspective moving forward.