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The Artistic Rejuvenation and Reflection Retreats facilitated by Rachel Kay

Rachel facilitates Retreats in both Portugal and Scotland, providing a different experience for the individual based on the type of retreat they require, exploring the different techniques and tools that Rachel offers under the Flight Mode Method. The Artistic Rejuvenation Retreats are held in Portugal, every May and September, and are focused around rejuvenation, revitalisation and recalibration. The Artistic Reflection Retreat is held in Scotland every summer and is focused on creative and artistic reflection.

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You are possible. And more than that, you are the solution

Flight Mode 1-2-1s

Flight Mode Method | Process & Strategy | Arts Business

Connect with who you are as an artist

Your gift is that you are many things. Flight Mode creates a welcoming space for you to uncover and reconnect with the diverse facets of who you are at your core.

Rediscover your joy

Once you understand your values, we work towards illuminating your creativity and navigating towards the joy of free expression.

Build a sustainable career

You are then supported to channel this into a creative practice that aligns with your purpose and build a sustainable career in the arts.

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Soundwaving is a meditative technique for creatives to connect with music and sound in an honest and explorative way. Soundwaving expands your creativity and provides a playground to explore music in new and innovating ways.

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Build your world in the way you desire

Each intensive explores the core foundations of the method. There are four core components to the Flight Mode Method:
Finding your value
Aligning your focus
Illuminating your creativity
Pinpointing your strategy
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Become a member of the Flight Mode community

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Step into a space that feels like home.
The Flight Mode Method app creates a welcoming space of connection and community. Here you are free to fully express yourself, and uncover and reconnect with the many facets of who you are as an artist and creative.

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