Company Facilitator

‘I have worked with Rachel and her methods in different spaces over the past few years, on a personal level and also with my company, Company Jinks. The practice has given me a deeper sense of connection, presence and acceptance. The methods have provided my company with new tools that can help to navigate the sometimes overwhelming journey of this human experience. Her practice allows space for the dancers to be guided and encouraged with love whilst also learning to discover their own expression and understanding.

Through the lens of movement, the practice is a wonderful opportunity for dancers to dig a little deeper into their connection with the body - a reminder that dance can be profoundly therapeutic. Flight Mode’s focus on values always feels like a remembering and a returning home to truth. I am incredibly grateful for the way it has affected my own practice and therefore the way I can hold space for my company and community. Working with Rachel is grounding, honest, expansive and heart opening.’
- Ricky Jinks


‘My experience with my DYCP (Unpacking to Participate) with Rachel as my producer was instrumental and empowering. Previously as a solo artist I had found it hard to examine where to place work, how to complete applications and just ask for support in general, working with Rachel changed this around. Our work not only secured me funding but supported me throughout the entirety of the project.

I felt as an artist I could follow through with all my ideas/visions without sacrificing my values and continue to improve and move with the changes of the project with the open and honest communications I had with Rachel. It’s safe to say that Rachel is a rarity in the industry, helping you strategise and at the same time work through with integrity the challenging elements of being an artist, while still holding true to you as a human being. Thank you!’
- Iona Brie

Dance Artist Facilitator

‘With Rachel’s guidance using elements from her personally curated Fight Mode Method, she has helped me in many ways to realign my focus and tune into my values. I am very multifaceted as a creative and human being, so having this method not only helps me to keep on track of my life, but also really helps me manage my mental health too.’

- Megan Westpfel

Dance Practitioner Facilitator

‘I have been having Flight Mode sessions with Rachel for 3 years now. I immediately connected with Flight Mode from the first session; the ability to pause, reflect and process where I find myself in a moment in time is vital for me. When I began working with Rachel I was still trying to find and understand what my practice as a dancer was. I believe through Flight Mode I found this. Through Flight Mode Rachel guides you to find your personal values and the values that are part of your practice.

It’s something that we are not given time to reflect upon in other contexts, yet it is critical to how we strive forwards with practice. Understanding my values allowed me to make decisions about my practice, my career & my route of progression. It offers me an assertiveness that comes from within and from me making the choices about what is in line with the values of my practice. I recognise that I need Flight Mode to deal with the complexities of being a dance artist. It reminds me of who I am at my core when the external conditions around me seem difficult and hard to manage. It re-roots me and allows me to take action to grow.’
Ella Tighe

Business Development Facilitator

‘Working with Rachel to understand the values and therefore the foundations of my new business brought me great clarity and empowerment to say the least. Through understanding on a deeper level what my personal values in life were and how that translated into the values within my business, meant that when I began to build my business, my “why” was crystal clear and lived within me. This meant that when making any decision, small or big, from choosing which colours to have in my logo to the ethos and language I would use within my classes, were easy, exciting and empowering decisions.

My work with Rachel gave me great confidence in what I had to offer within my business and 3 months on from a very successful launch, I still feel the work we did rippling out throughout my work and therefore benefitting my customers greatly.’
Fran Dearlove