Rachel facilitates Retreats in both Portugal and Scotland, providing a different experience for the individual based on the type of retreat they require, exploring the different techniques and tools that Rachel offers under the Flight Mode Method.

Portugal Retreat

The Artistic Rejuvenation Retreats are held in the Algarve, Portugal, facilitated by Rachel Kay. The focus is around rejuvenation, revitalisation and recalibration of the individuals creativity and artistic practice.

"To put into words all that I learned at the Beekeepers would be very difficult to say the least. As a creative it provided inspiring stimulus daily - be it in conversation, self-enquiry or the surrounding nature.

Rachel's guidance throughout as a facilitator was the glue that held all of our souls together - both individually and as a group - as we navigated each day as it came. Her honesty, integrity to the Flight Mode method, foresight and insight meant the retreat ran so smoothly. 'Profound' is a word I have kept coming back to to try and summarise my ten days at the Beekeepers. I couldn't recommend this experience enough for people feeling pulled to delve more into themselves, their movement quality and their intuition. Revelations, discoveries and memories are in abundance at the Beekeepers and under the safe wings of Rachel's guidance. Very much a trip of a lifetime!" Tashi Bullman

"Portugal is a special place in my heart and my time spent there has birthed many ideas including my solo choreographic method and existing creative projects. I would love to share this space with other creatives, enabling them to explore and experience the wonders of the Algarve and how it can impact their creative and personal journey. It is a beautiful and honest country for rejuvenating, re-energising and revitalising your creativity and artistic practice." Rachel Kay

Retreat Accommodation & Costs

There are 4 different rooms each offering it’s own unique space to relax and reflect. All accommodation, meals and transfers to & from the airport are included in the retreat costs.
To book, contact Rachel:

The Artistic Rejuvenation Retreat in Portugal includes;

  • 40 hours of Flight Mode Facilitation per person

  • 40 hours of creative/self exploration per person

  • Accommodation

  • Food

  • Transfers to & from the airport

Each individual will also go through creating their own solo in response to their time in Portugal. All solos will become apart of Rachel Kay's mission to create a 100 solos in the next 5 years! These solos can also be in written form, dance form, or art form.

Solo Creations

Each creative will have the opportunity to create and devise their own solo work in response to their time on the Artistic Rejuvenation Retreat. The solos will be facilitated and directed by Rachel, utilising her solo choreographic method to draw out the best in each creative to create a solo that is truly representational of them. A celebration of their individuality, expression and artistry.

This solo process was born from Rachel's research and development at the Beekeepers in 2017. This process is fundamental to Rachel's creative development and was funded by the Arts Council in both 2017 and 2018. This choreographic method has since then been refined and continues to be the foundation of her choreographic method.

Scotland Retreat

Artistic Reflection

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Do you require time to reflect on your artistic practice?


  • Reconnecting with who you are as an artistic practitioner.

  • Rediscovering your joy in nature.

  • Rebuilding a sustainable practice that aligns with your core values.

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