The power is in your hands

My process evolved from a personal and emotional response to my father having a stroke when I was 27. It evoked a deeper understanding of the human brain and what happens when the brain isn’t functioning as we know it should. I became fascinated by the mind, how it functions on a daily basis and how it, or we, as human beings, can help it remain in flow and flight throughout our life and ultimately our creative journey/career. Through honesty, a realist approach to my own life, mind and body, I began to cultivate my own method based on my own experiences as an artist.

Leading from a facilitator approach to my teaching, creativity and mentoring, I began to engage in a practice that enabled a healthy outlook

Creativity is Strategy

to the thoughts, vibrations and feelings that flow through us daily and use these honest discoveries to explore the self, the personal stories that evolve with us and how these stories can be interpreted into movement.

All resulting in a method that can enrich the developmental process of life and creativity. In cultivating this method, I have come to understand that movement innovation is at the heart of what I do and I am here to encourage, empower and inspire others to engage in either a creative process, a method or lifestyle practice that drives their own why! That method has become the Flight Mode Method- Fluidity in Mind & Motion

The Methodology

Background on the methodology behind Flight Mode Method from Rachel Kay’s perspective.

My methodology is an all-encompassing, multidisciplinary creative practice that draws on the fruits of nature, the beauty of creativity and the brilliance of the mind. The Flight Mode Method is a daily check in practice, just like you would do your daily yoga, it is a set of questions, tools and interdisciplinary creative actions to embody your current being, to move deep within your presence and to visualise and realise your full potential.

We always begin with conversation; The art of giving space to talk freely- How are you? Where are you? And What do you know?

Are the fundamental questions I ask of each individual, so that you are heard, seen and met as you are. In asking these questions we can draw in on what we are in that moment, taking ownership of our I AM statements and moving from a place of honesty, integrity and truth to realise what we can become. From there I can assess and guide each individual into a place of creative thinking, writing, drawing and moving and facilitate open spaces for self-enquiry and creative development. All individuals I work with do not have to be a creative out of choice but have a creative mindset or creative way of living to access and enjoy the method.

Rachel Kay

Business is not all numbers and figures—at its core it is your culture. The Flight Mode Method challenges you to change your mindset around creative practice and strategy to forge a career path that is perfectly aligned to you.

Clarity cultivates change and momentum

The clarity that Flight Mode gives you cultivates personal change. By getting clear on your values, creativity, and how to align these with your culture and purpose, you can move forward in a way that serves you best.


The Methodology

Within Flight Mode, responsibility is key. Results come with daily practice, repetition and consistency. Rachel, as the vehicle for the method, hands you the tools but ultimately, you undertake the work. The tools are not the solution, they are the gateway. She will encourage you to see yourself as the central focus of this work without looking for any external force to fix anything. A daily unveiling of the self, Flight Mode seeks to create efficiency in maximising the potential of your day to day. Putting power back into your own hands by encouraging you to see the strength of your own accountability, and how free we really are to make the choices to architect our own world in the way we desire. The outcome is less focused on a happier or more positive state of being, but more of a sure and knowing sense of all that you are and are not. With this knowledge comes power and forward motion. Pathways can begin to arise and therefore steps can be taken.


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The benefits of joining the Flight Mode app community

  • You have confidence and conviction in what you want to create in the world.

  • Re-energised with a clear path forward that serves you as an individual and creative.

  • A strong sense of your own value and self-worth.

  • Capable and confident to manage all the facets of who you are as a creative.

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