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Flight Mode Intensives

Most facilitators focus on helping artists realise their creative vision. With Flight Mode, we go deeper.

We look at your core being and how to amplify your individuality. You’ll gain clarity on your values and how to align these to your culture and purpose. Together, we’ll build compassion and conviction for yourself and what you want to create in the world.

Through this clarity and conviction we create forward momentum towards a long and sustainable career path truly aligned to you.

One Day intensive £45

Three Day intensive £120

Five Day intensive £200

Finding Your Value

Your gift is that you are many things. The Flight Mode Method creates a welcoming space for you to uncover and reconnect with the diverse facets of who you are at your core. Once you understand your values, we work towards illuminating your creativity and navigating towards the joy of free expression. You are then supported to channel this into a creative practice that aligns with your purpose and build a sustainable career in the arts.

Aligning Your Focus

The power is in your hands. Responsibility is key, and results come with daily practice, repetition and consistency. You will grow to see the strength of your own accountability, and how free we really are to build our own world in the way we desire.

Illuminating Your Creativity

The clarity that the Flight Mode Method gives you cultivates personal change. By getting clear on your values, creativity, and how to align these with your culture and purpose, you can move forward in a way that serves you best.

Pinpointing Your Strategy

Business is not all numbers and figures—at its core it is your culture. The Flight Mode Method challenges you to change your mindset around creative practice and strategy to forge a career path that is perfectly aligned to you.

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To build a better world for independent dance artists and creatives.
By helping people connect with their authentic self and navigate towards their joy, the Flight Mode Intensives provide tools and techniques to build long and sustainable careers for independent dance artists and creatives. The ripple effect of this work is a kinder, more inclusive dance industry where artists are valued and free to be who they truly are.

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